CS371p Spring 2021: Albert C. Trevino

About Me:

My name is Albert Christian Trevino and I am a third year Computer Science student at the University of Texas at Austin. I plan to graduate in Fall 2021. I spent my entire childhood, up until the age of 12, living in San Antonio and Laredo, Texas. I went to Jr. High and High School in Eagle Pass, Texas, going to Eagle Pass High School. In High School I enjoyed drumming, playing baseball, and driving around town with my friends. Eagle Pass is a pretty small town, so there isn’t much to do.

Life At UT:

These past three years at UT have easily been the best years of my life. I am currently in the Longhorn Band where I am the snare drum section leader for Texas Drums. When I’m not programming or ‘hitting the books’, I enjoy playing video games, and solving Rubik’s Cubes in my free time. I’ve only been able to attend one WCA Competition( https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/persons/2019TREV02?event=333&tab=results-by-event ) but I hope to attend more in the future! I used to be on an IM Basketball team with some band friends and had signed up for IM Softball, but that was before COVID unfortunately, but I enjoy staying active.

Let’s Talk About CS371p:

I expect to learn a lot from this class. I feel like the structure of this class really revolves around learning about practical tools that will be used in the real world in our future jobs. I have some experience with C++, but I’ve only made a couple projects, so I am no expert. I am in this class to add more tools to my programming kit, as well as continuing to practice my programming skills. I’m excited to program more as my last semester dealt with mostly theory, and not doing too much programming over the winter break. I’m not too much of a fan of being called out in class in front of everyone, but I think that it definitely helps to keep us engaged during lectures and gives us some time to interact with the professor and other students during these virtual times!

What Made Me Happy This Week?:

I joined an amateur Overwatch team and have been playing with them this past week. It’s great meeting new people and we demolished our competition in our first match, so that has been a ton of fun!




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Albert Christian Trevino

Albert Christian Trevino

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